Gustavo Guerra

I am blogger, youtuber, streamer, podcaster, gamer, writer, affiliate, digital marketer, consultant, mentor, entrepreneur, among other things I do.

My favorite pastime is watching movies and series like Star Wars and Game Of Thrones. I’m a big fan of animations, like those made by Pixar, Disney, DreamWorks, Blue Sky and Sony Animation. I also love to know behind the scenes of these productions.

I also occasionally play some games, especially FPS (Call Of Duty and Battlefield) and simulators (SimCity and Locomotion), on my PlayStation 4 or Macbook Pro.

I love reading too, but it is not a habit of me to consume books, although having a Kindle, either e-book or physical material is still a challenge for me that I want to correct.

I believe my greatest quality is always learning a little bit of everything, so over the years I have a little bit of programming (mostly HTML and CSS), content production (text, audio and video), digital marketing (SEO, paid traffic, social and tools), economics (investments, income generation, importance), technology (mobile, hardware and software), politics (public relations, international, geopolitics), among others.

I speak some English and Spanish, not fluently, but enough to watch a movie without subtitles and communicate to others.

I was born and raised in São Paulo (SP), and despite the serious problems in Brazil, I still do not see a need to live abroad. But if so, I would probably choose Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, New Zealand or Australia.

At the moment my focus is on own projects, mostly focused on the digital area. They are managed by my company, GSG Digital.

I’m always trying to answer everyone, so if you want to chat, ask a question or send a proposal, you can send me an email or message on any of my social networks below.

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